What the *%#!! Heck is a Panono?

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Have you ever wanted to be able to capture all of your surroundings? Literally everything surrounding you at once? Well now you can with the Panono! The Panono is the highest resolution 360 degree camera currently on the market. This sphere shaped camera has 36 individual cameras on its surface that allow it to take a 360 degree image of your surroundings. The 36 cameras all go off at once, and then the individual photographs will be automatically stitched together.


The camera is able to take photographs in a few ways. You can either hold it, put it on a tripod/camera stick, or you can throw it straight up into the air. When choosing how to take your photo, it’s important to consider that when holding the Panono, your hand covers the bottom cameras which will block part of the image from being captured. With a tripod, no cameras will be hidden, but it will cost you extra chunk of cash. If you throw it up in the air, the sensory technology on the camera will take a photo when the ball reaches its highest point, however you run the risk of dropping the camera and being out a sizable amount of money. This camera will run you a costly $1500!

Advice given is to wait until cheaper, and better quality 360 degree cameras come out. Although this camera is currently the best of its kind, you can expect better versions to emerge soon. Reviewers say the photo quality isn’t the greatest, and that downloading the images can take a long time. Unless you’re a panoramic photo enthusiast, waiting for the 360 technology to improve will be the smartest way to go.


Simon Lunt