What Cannes't Tangram Do!

The Cannes film festival is a major film event held annually in France. Celebrities from all over come to Cannes to enjoy a luxurious experience full of parties and red carpets. Tangram International has been lucky enough to be a part of the excitement in Cannes.

Each year, Vanity Fair holds a party at the Eden Roc Hotel in the Cap D'Antibes. This year the dinner was hosted by HBO while the after party was put on by Chopard, a jewelry company. Tangram had the exciting task of creating and installing the Vanity Fair logo to be placed in the iconic pool at the Eden Roc. This logo was seen by celebrities and VIP’s throughout the event!

Tangram was also responsible for printing, installing, and illuminating banners for ‘Myriad Pictures’ and ‘Variety’ on apartments that they had claimed for the event as they do each year. Being in Cannes for this event is crazy and there’s a ton to do. A tangram employee in Cannes said “Cannes is packed with everyone that has anything to do with the film industry and everyone who wants to be a movie star, so you can imagine the craziness!!!” However, Tangram considers themselves lucky to be a part of all the madness! Until next year Cannes.


Simon Lunt