The crazy Rainbow Bagel Craze

Have your social media accounts been taken over by the rainbow bagel craze? These bagels have been all the rage in the recent past. Originating at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York. The creator of the rainbow bagel, Scot Rossillo, was inspired by growing up around bagels his whole life. “I would wake up to the aroma of hot fresh bagels as it wafted its way through my house.” Rossillo considers himself a “bagel artist” and hopes to keep creating unique ways to enjoy the bagel.

His work doesn’t just include the “Rainbow Bagel,” but others such as “Bacon Egg And Cheddar Cheese Bagel,” and the “Cragel.” People have been lining up for a taste of his magical creations! However, the explosion of the rainbow bagel craze has taken its toll on The Bagel Store’s Bedford Avenue location. The store has been selling out of 800 bagels daily. Therefore, they have closed their doors temporarily to regroup. Don’t stress though, if you’re desperate for a taste of the rainbow, their other location on Metropolitan Avenue remains open. Even though you may have seen these rainbow bagels popping up in local shops near you, The Bagel Store recently trademarked the “Rainbow Bagel.” It’s all theirs! So head to Brooklyn to check out what all the hype is about, once the store re-opens of course.



Simon Lunt