Beyond the Barre - Beer & Ballet

Ballet can typically have a reputation of being boring and stuffy. The California Ballet is challenging that stereotype on a whole new level. In their effort to reach a larger audience and change the view of ballet, The California Ballet is presenting “Beyond the Barre: Beer and Ballet.”

The goal is to offer classical dance in a casual setting. Attendees will be able to sip on craft beer while also watching the ballet. Not only will the setting be different, but the actual dancing will be different. Ballet dancers will perform informally while dancing from music that ranges from opera to indie.

“Beer and Ballet” has become an annual event in Salt Lake City, Sacramento, and Indianapolis, as it grows in popularity.  It’s an interesting experience for the audience, but for the dancers as well.  “You can see the dancers, watch them work their butts off, and have a good time. It’s a bonding experience for the dancers, too, because they get together and have a beer and hang out.” If you’re interested in dance and beer, this is the event for you!

Simon Lunt