Get that Outdoor Space you've Always Wanted

When summer finally rolls around, taking advantage of every moment outdoors is essential. A simple and inviting outdoor living space is key to outdoor entertainment and enjoyment. If your outdoor area needs a bit of a facelift, here are some easy ideas to get your space ready for summer!

The easiest first step is to add lighting. Adding a few strings of lights to a patio or deck area can dress up your space and make a sizable impact on the first impression of your outdoor space. The right lighting makes your space more inviting and will help create the atmosphere you desire. The next most important addition will be color. Adding color through accessories such as pillows and unique planters can transform your area. Keep in mind that the great outdoors are already filled with browns and greens. Going bold with bright colors will make an unforgettable statement, and as an added bonus these vibrant colors will stay cooler than dark colors that will absorb the sun's heat.

Another outdoor essential is a fire pit. When summer comes to mind, roasting marshmallows by the fire is always a favorite on the list of to-do’s. This addition will not only be helpful in creating the mood you want, but it will also help to keep bugs away! Grab the kids and make some s’mores, or just curl up on your couch and enjoy the summer night next to the fire. Finally, use plants and other natural elements to give your space life and add dimension. You are outside after all! Remember to appreciate the nature you’re surrounded by. Enjoy summer by spending every second possible outdoors!



Simon Lunt