POLISH ARTIST OLEK'S Technicolor Train

“Textile artist Olek has completed work on what may be her largest piece ever, a four-car locomotive covered in crocheted technicolor camo in Lodz, Poland.”  Olek, a crochet artist has brought color and life to many places in the world by crocheting in unexpected places. One inspiration for the artists train piece came from her trip across the United States. The artist felt as if she lived in the United States for so long, yet never truly saw it. So she booked a train from New York to San Francisco. She ditched her phone and hopped aboard.

“Once I finally returned to the digital grid, I opened an email from my native Poland. It began with the first four lines of a famous children’s poem “The Locomotive” by Julian Tuwin. The email went on to ask if I wanted to crochet an entire steam-powered train. My chance had finally come. It would be my largest project to date, and I thought there was no better place to reach this milestone than my own motherland.”

Although Olek had many struggles including finding a train to crochet and horrible weather while trying to complete her project, the train was a success! Olek says this train project and her trip to Poland reminder her of why she must always be on the move finding new inspiration.

Sources: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/olek/the-train-that-stands-sti_b_3744900.html



Simon Lunt