Joseph Marr's Sugar Sculptures

Artist Joseph Marr is going to completely new places with his sculptures. He’s known for creating anatomically correct sculptures of skulls from sugar! However, that’s not all. He also has created full body sculptures from sugar to depict different aspects of the human condition. He got his inspiration from the Hindu concept that desire is both the creator and destroyer of everything.

His goal has been to depict mortality and desire as the source and outcome of everything in a person's life. “The way the Hindu’s say it was my inspiration to work with sugar: “Desire is a Trap” Desire is the creator and destroyer, and to live without Desire is to be liberated. The traps in life are the attachments we form to everything, such as Money, Power, Fame, Love, Happiness… anything we desire.”

To explore more of this incredible work, visit Joseph Marr at his website by clicking his name!


Anna Antonucci