AirBnB - Our Go To When Traveling!

1 of the Top 10-  The Seashell House   in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

1 of the Top 10- The Seashell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Here at Tangram we do a lot of traveling!  There are so many conventions throughout the year and so little time! The frequent trips across the US and Europe are expected when you work in the type of industry we do. Traveling has its perks – yes but anyone who is a frequent traveler knows how quickly all the costs add up. To avoid unnecessary spending we try our best to find the smartest prices on airfare and housing. 

One of our favorite go to website to find housing is Airbnb. This site’s popularity continues to grow each year and the reason for it is obvious. They provide you with various types of properties which most of the time will be much more budget friendly than your average hotel. 

Check out the unique property types below that are real listings from their website. In 2012 Airbnb added a new feature that lets members save specific property listings to a wish list. These were the top 10 most wished properties off of their site. 

Off-grid   itHouse   in Pioneertown, CA

Off-grid itHouse in Pioneertown, CA

Balian Treehouse   (with a private pool) in Balian Beach, Bali, Selemadeg Barat, Indonesia

Balian Treehouse (with a private pool) in Balian Beach, Bali, Selemadeg Barat, Indonesia

Unique Cob Cottage   in Maybe Island, BC, Canada

Unique Cob Cottage in Maybe Island, BC, Canada

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