The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism!

The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism, which tells the story of the Rolling Stones throughout their 50 year long career opened it's doors on April 5th at the Saatchi Gallery, in the Duke of York London Head Quarters. It was reported that by the first day, Exhibitionism had already been seen by 2,100 visitors. 

The exhibit features over 500 artifacts of Rolling Stones memorabilia, each strategically placed throughout the 1,858 sq m. space. William Russell, one of the partners at Pentagram Design, worked closely with the band and curator, Ileen Gallagher to make the space feel like a set list for a concert. 

Instead of the exhibit being organized in chronological order like most, it is divided up into numerous themes. "It is tactical, authentic, glamorous, messy, and suffused with sounds and images of the band." - William Russell  At the start of the tour you are greeted with a life-sized sign which reads, 'Ladies and Gentlemen', leaving the audience anxiously waiting to enter.

The exhibit brings us back to the very beginning. Showing unseen video clips, personal diaries, rare guitars, and more. All of which have been found for this display. Among the unique sections within the exhibit, there is one that had to be setup in chronological order and that is the section which shows how the bands clothing and fashion sense evolved overtime. 

The Exhibitionism will be open at the Saatchi Gallery until September 4th. From there it is set to hit 11 other cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. 


Simon Lunt