How to Manage those Leads

The number one reason why so many companies invest their time and money into exhibiting at trade shows is to drum up business. In order to achieve this is to make sure you capture as many leads as you can. Many exhibitors walk away at the end of their show without the main thing they came for - the leads! No worries. These 5 steps will be sure to help your team manage their leads come next show time. 

1. Think about your leads early on -                                                                                  It will be a big help if you think about what the smartest way for you and your team members to make sure no leads go by uncaptured. This would be the best time to have your lead capture system in place. 

2. Touch base with your sales team -                                                                        Having a conversation with your sales team pre-show is crucial. This way you can both strategize a plan and be sure that you're all on the same page. It is important to know what inform will be needed to insure the sales team can properly follow-up on the leads post show. 

3. Draw out your on-site process -                                                                       Deciding which lead capture hardware will be best for you is important as well. If you know hundreds of visitors will be in and out of your booth, you will need to make sure you invest in the right type of system that can capture all those leads. If you also plan on capturing more qualified leads, investing in ipads and/or smartphones will make doing so easier. 

4. Don't be afraid to alter your plans -                                                                              If you notice early on in the show that your strategy for capturing leads is not going accordingly, do not hesitate to try and make a change. It is better to try and fix your strategy before the end of the first show day so you don't lose out on what can be potential leads. 

5. Touching base again with sales team -                                                         Capturing your leads during show time is the easy part! It's the following up part and keeping in touch with your leads before they go stale that's the hard part. Regrouping with the sales team is crucial. Make sure to go over all of this with your sales team directly after show, when conversations and names are still fresh in everyone's head. 

Simon Lunt