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The German brand, Adidas created a pop-up store in Amsterdam that replicates a giant shoe box. What better way to market a shoe brand than by dropping a replica of the famous brand's blue shoe box in the center of a high traffic area with hundreds of passersby each day? 

The use of shipping containers for experiential marketing was all the rage a few years ago. Today not many activations are created with the use of these versatile, reusable, easily branded containers. Why is that? What has changed? It is possible that a few large brands like Adidas chose shipping containers for one of their many events, word got out, pictures were shared, talk of it was all over the internet and as a result, their competing companies followed and just like that, shipping container pop-ups became a trend.  

Now, once those other companies began utilizing containers to create memorable moments for the consumer, Adidas was no longer the only one. Therefore they had no choice but to come up with the next best thing. Which we're assuming they have, since this shoe box launched in 2013, their competitors followed yet again, and no longer are shipping containers seen as "cool" environments for experiential events. 

Coming from a design agency that partners with all different types of brands, executing all different types of marketing events, we are still big fans of the container! 


Sam Caridi