Designed to De-stress


Designers were challenged by the magazine, Frame 119, to create a product, space, or service that can help relieve the top work-related stress symptoms, depression and insomnia. After receiving numerous responses from designers with their ideas, Frame 119 selected their top 5 favorites to feature in their next issue. 

One of the favorites was the product, "Mind Wandering Bloom", submitted by a textile designer and researcher, Caroline Angiulo. Her creation is made up of a bundle of various materials, intended to soothe the user by combining sensory stimulation with repetitive actions. 


Imagine the art of knitting combined with a stress-ball and fidget cube bundled into one. Angiulo's Mind wondering Bloom is aimed to help individuals who struggle with anxiety by relieving them from the everyday distractions of our digital world.

The product has a range of six different touch tasks, including braid me, twist me and unravel me, sold in a vending machine friendly packaging to ensure employees can easily access Mind Wondering Bloom in the workplace. 

SOURCE: - visit their website to see the magazine's other winners!

Sam Caridi