The Giant Dome That Almost Was

  At Tangram, we all know how important creativity and innovation is. We are constantly thinking up new ways to visualize and display our clients in the best way possible. However, sometimes these ideas don't always come to life. Even when the design team puts hours into making beautiful designs, there are times when the ideas don't make it off the page.

  A small Vermont town had a similar experience in the 1970's when a unique idea to cover an  entire city in a dome structure was presented. The town, called Winooski, was facing some financial troubles and the dome was thought up in hopes of reducing the town's $4 million yearly heating bill. The dome could have potentially reduced everyone's heating bill a whopping 90%. 

  While the dome never became a reality, this idea proves that even the most creative plans don't always succeed. The goal is to never give up and keep aiming to deliver thoughts that will inspire more thoughtfulness and imagination.

Simon Lunt