American Film Market in Sunny Santa Monica

AFM is market based out of the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica. People from all over the world come together to participate, share, sell, and buy movie content from tons of different vendors. The sun was shining and it was hot! Thankfully that breeze off the Pacific helped keep people cool and collected. 

We helped our clients from Russia, Roskino, create a beautiful and functional work space in a suite with a killer view of the ocean and the Santa Monica Pier. With the patio we decided to create several work spaces, shaded by umbrellas. Inside the two rooms worked as meeting areas. 

It was a success and pulled off by many different people. Working well with other people is an important part of putting a room, job, booth, or event together. 

Now we are looking forward to the next Film Festival! Back to Cannes!

Simon LuntLoews Hotel