Tangram at CES: Blending the Real and the Virtual

The driving force behind creating successful experiential marketing events and brand environments is simple. Create an impact. Whether your immediate goal is to drive sales, foster brand loyalty, or educate the audience, you want your attendee to have a visceral experience that sticks with them long after they leave the event. While the tools and tactics for creating that impact are constantly changing, one method has risen to the top of the pack in the last few years and looks like it's here to stay: Virtual reality. 

Big brand events are a sure fire way to have a big impact, but more often than not, floor space is one of the most consistently limiting factors when creating an experience. In steps VR. With the unique ability to create an expansive, awe-inspiring experience that isn't limited to your real-world event footprint, it's no wonder why these headsets are becoming a staple of cutting-edge experiential marketing. 

This winter, we had the opportunity to partner with Discovery Communications and create a trade show booth that blended the real world with the virtual one. At CES 2017, Discovery's main goal was to show off some of the VR content they had been working on in the last year. We were tasked with designing a modern architectural space to facilitate and compliment their new content. We worked with Moth and Flame's cutting-edge VR system and created a beautiful physical environment that was also replicated by their team in the virtual world. This leads the users to have an extremely impactful experience that blurs the lines between reality and simulation. This interaction between the two worlds helped turn a 20' x 40' booth space into somthing larger than the sum of it's parts. 

The design team at Tangram has successfully integrated VR experiences into our environments multiple times this past year, and have a feeling this trend won't slow down anytime soon. We will be keeping a close eye on new VR technologies to add to our ever-expanding tool chest. Creating brand expeirences by whatever means necessary. 

Ian Connie