Summer Vibes

Summer is here! How can we tell? I don't know, maybe the fact that we get heat stroke the second we step foot outside? Or maybe the secret stash of popsicles we currently have in the freezer! Summer is such a happy and busy time. Here at Tangram we take our music pretty seriously, from morning to night we have music playing. There is something different though when it comes to music in the summer, almost like it sounds better. It could be the warm air blowing our hair around as we bump the tunes, windows down, zooming home after work for a little rosé or an ice cold beer, and some hot dogs (obvi). Or it could be the anticipation of the awesome outdoor activities this weekend holds that makes us want to prepare by rockin' out while tapping away on our keyboards. Either way we wanted to share some super summery songs to enjoy over the weekend. Just think of us as you boogie these steamy summer nights away!...

'Tangram starts summer' with our playlist down below! Curtesy of spotify! Sweet.

Simon LuntTangram