Parisan Department Store Unveils Interactive Holiday Display

Printemps and Burberry have teamed up this holiday season to create a window display unlike any other. The iconic French department store is showing off its festive side with a display that allows the customers to interact with the story created through beautiful images and a playful storyline. 

The campaign features a young boy, dressed in head-to-toe Burberry, traveling from Burberry's flagship store in London to Printemps in a story called "The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry". This is the first time Printemps has an animated 3-D character as the main focus of its storefront. When visitors connect to the store's wifi, they will be able to interact with individual scenes from the display. Additionally, they are able to access extra content through their own personal browsers. This includes controlling the weather as the boy travels to Printemps or steering a fleet of boats. Lastly, people will be able to create virtual postcards showing the scene displayed on the windows. Once made, participants have the option of sharing the postcards on social media. 

This eye catching display is a way for both Printemps and Burberry to reach a younger audience while engaging those passing through the department store. Modern and creative marketing ideas, like this one, is exactly how Tangram chooses to present our company and our clients. 

Example of one of the interactive features included in the campaign.

Example of one of the interactive features included in the campaign.

Simon Lunt