LG at Maker Faire 2014

Maker Faire in New York gives "makers" of all sorts the opportunity to share what they do best. The fair attracts people of all ages and interests, from tech enthusiasts and engineers to students, authors, and commercial exhibitors. The goal of Maker Faire is to give participants the opportunity to share their makings in innovative, forward-thinking, and artistic way.

This year, Tangram helped LG achieve exactly that. Tangram worked with LG to turn their design into a structurally sound brand environment - all while keeping the production as environmentally sustainable as possible. The booth was constructed almost entirely of recycled materials, including cardboard and recycled pallets. 

To stay consistent with the whimsical vibe of Maker Faire, LG wanted to ensure the booth be based around creating a customer experience rather than being product-centric. Tangram helped LG achieve this by creating different stations throughout the booth that involved booth visitors. For example, customers could take selfies with LG's new G3 phone in one area of the booth. In the front of the booth was a station geared towards a younger crowd, as they were able to create mobiles made from their own cutouts powered by the same motor one would find in an LG washing machine.

As with all of our clients, Tangram kept LG involved with many rounds of prototypes and workshop visits to ensure their vision was brought to life in the best way possible! Maker Faire 2014 was a definite success and we look forward to creating even more imaginative ideas next year.

Simon Lunt