TRADESHOW / A VidCon L.A. Extravaganza!

Tangram took on several exciting challenges at VidCon 2018, held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. With knowledge of the convention’s history as being highly interactive and engaging with the attending crowd, the Tangram Team set out to create booths that would encapsulate both the youthful and seasoned minds that traversed the grand expo hall.

Nickelodeon came to Tangram with a vision for a centerpiece booth that would cover a variety of ground, from promoting up-and-coming shows to reviving old fan favorites, all whilst maintaining the important element of engagement with the attendees. Tangram was challenged with maximizing the space given while still leaving the floor open and accessible. The majority of the space was dedicated to a revival of the classic Double Dare obstacle course, where guests became contestants and raced against the clock.

To provide another layer of interaction between Nickelodeon and the attendees, custom game kiosks were wrapped in graphics to promote the company’s new shows. On one end of the booth, a large angled mirror provided the perfect photo-op: An illusion which placed the attendee on a New York City skyscraper (decked out with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decor!) all while safely lying on the ground. A DJ booth in the opposite corner of the display spun tunes to keep the energy going, and a mini-stage provided guest artists with the perfect opportunity for performances.

This wasn’t YouNow’s first VidCon. The start-up had had booths here in years prior, however this exhibition was different. Here, they would to introduce “Rize,” a new sector of their company that brings power to their users in the form of crypto-currency. They came to Team Tangram with a desire to combine both sides of their company with one cohesive booth, which we took to task, bringing the two worlds together with bright colors and neon accents. In sum, we created a simple space that highlighted the two platforms on an iPhone-shaped monitor, allowing for easy exhibition to the attendees.

For Goldieblox, this booth was just right. We captured the female-empowered creative spirit that drives the brand by designing a playful booth, complete with the client’s desired interactive points. A “battle-field” stood center stage to provide the guests with the chance to create their own robots and duke it out, which provided the client with the optimal area from which to host livestreams, competitions and more. The pastel colors mixed with the industrial-style furniture perfectly emulated the Goldieblox aesthetic and created a bright, cheery environment for the attendees to immerse themselves in.


Aidan Corish