INTERIOR / Starwood’s Corporate Headquarters by jump studios

STARWOOD is an organization known for its high-end brand experiences, woven in to their consumer’s everyday interaction with the company. Collaborating with designers London's Jump Studios, the Tangram team engineered and produced the main customer and employee experience for Starwood Hotels new Stamford Connecticut World Headquarters. 

The goal was to obtain the same sleek interior that the Starwood Hotel lines maintain, while integrating the aspect of a Global presence. The interior was clean and modern with details of halo lighting, delicate suspended sculpture, replicating a ‘star bursting' an LED activated white corian wall, articulated graphic display wall and pull out drawers with a curated museum display of hotel brand artifacts. 

The materials were beautiful and required a lot of attention to detail. Team Tangram went through a series of trouble shooting, such as color correcting graphics and managing heat coming from lights. Tangram’s expert execution skills, and sharp eye were able to detect issues and problem solve. 

It was important to the Starwood team to have a stunning space where the employees would not only be proud to work, but would see their hard work reflected back to them. The pictures of upcoming projects illuminated on the backlit graphic wall had employees and future business partners ogling the fine work that had been done.  The activations and employee experience has maintained its function and remains beautiful and purposeful. It shows that thoughtful execution and timeless materials can lead to a lasting permanent installation. 

Aidan Corish