RETAIL POP UP / Hunter Boots Pop Up in Downtown NEW YORK CITY

In the past decade, pop-up shops have increased tremendously in popularity. When the pop-up shop frenzy began, it was for the most part retail companies taking part. Today, you can name just about any major brand within any industry and they have probably had one or at least thought of or plan to invest in one. 

Hunter Boots wanted to gain the publicity that only a remarkable pop up in downtown New York City can do. As a traditional company, with no storefront of their own in the US, the store had to be true to the company. High quality branding, no gimmicks, and appealing to not only their classic customer, but appeal to a wider audience. 

Tangram set about doing this through eye catching design, utilizing display shapes, and creating natural flow to the store, pushing people to the product. By using these techniques Hunter was able to show case both of its design collections, Original and Field. 

The Store was eye catching and attracted publicity, drawing in return customers of the Hunter Brand, and fostering the loyalty and attention of new customers. The pop up never went a day through its holiday opening of being slow on patrons. The Hunter team was ecstatic of how the store turned out and the return on investment. Tangram is looking forward to our work with the Hunter Branding Team. 

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Aidan Corish