EVENT / A Day in Riyadh at the UN, design by boris micka associates

Designed by Boris Mica Associates and in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly, the Saudi government wanted to create an interactive event to help introduce the modern capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Lasting for four days, the event was used to highlight the changing social, environmental, cultural, and urban landscapes of the city. The Mayor of Riyadh also wanted to send the message of unity between the city of Riyadh and the city of New York, both being the cultural and economic epicenters of each other’s countries. 

Tangram was asked to aid a design firm in producing this event. The ultimate challenges came from the high security detail that would be involved in producing, building and installing A Day in Riyadh. One of the core pieces was an interactive map, using an augmented reality application to show the past, present, and future, in which you could see the rapidly growing city changing right before your eyes. Another core piece was an interactive 80’ LED wall, using moving image sensors, to recognize when someone was in front of the wall. This wall could be used to get information about the city’s history and plans moving forward. As well as the main attractions, Tangram created museum style artifact cases, to hold different cultural articles from the city, and used lenticular graphics to produce holographic images of the city’s before and after appearance. 

The production and installation had to be immaculate, and the logistics had to be precise. The security detailing was intensive, but at the end of the day, A Day in Riyadh was a hit. The activations were busy around the clock, attracting the attention of Saudi Arabian officials, UN leaders and passer-bys. It had an enormous social media presence and attention from many of the Saudi Arabian and New York press! 

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Aidan Corish