TRADE SHOW / 20th Century Fox Shines in the South of France

20th Century Fox approached Tangram to create their marketing and meeting space for the bi-annual Mip Markets, located in beautiful Cannes, France. We have partnered with 20th Century Fox for over 20 years over a variety of shows and events; so we knew the collaborative process, meticulous design, and hard work of the stellar Fox marketing team would have to be matched and even exceeded.

In designing the space, we were met with some initial challenges. How does one create a beautiful stand in the halls of the Palais des Festivals? How would we make the space functional? Not only for the clients coming to visit, but the hard working Fox team, that would be stationed at the stand all day. These were challenges that would need to be carefully thought through, as they would affect both our clients, and theirs. 

First, Tangram approached the space from a creative design perspective.  We used innovative solutions creating an expressive color palette and using layered and organic textures, such as woods, natural fiber, and lush fabrics. The design also included ample graphic opportunity, but repackaged in to an artistic display, such as a mural or gallery wall. Then Team Tangram attacked the idea of functionality by layering technology into the infrastructure. Monitors built in to the surfaces and luxurious screening rooms that used the most cutting edge projection equipment. This created a seamless experience for the Fox employees when fostering their VIP experience for their clients. This was all done while maintaining a stand that had the comfort of a permanent installation.

By creating a space that was both functional and beautiful, Fox was able to host hundreds of clients, while keeping their own employees comfortable and happy. When doing those long days on the stand it is important to keep your team from feeling burnt out or run down. Providing a comfortable, streamlined work experience that is dialed in and ready to go from the starting point until the finish line helps to stave off exhaustion.  The client was beyond thrilled with the outcome of the stand and the success of the Mipcom and Miptv markets. Team Tangram looks forward to continuing our relationship with 20th Century Fox. 

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Simon Lunt