Will see through trucks be a thing in the near future?

Technology continues to improve every day, and we are seeing it incorporated in more and more places around our everyday lives. As a company that specializes in the design and fabrication for custom exhibitions, we too are finding more ways to incorporate technology into our projects. Samsung is doing the same, and is utilizing technology to improve the safety of our roads here in the States. 

They are calling it, “The Samsung Safety Truck.” What they have done was install a camera in the front end of their tractor trailer, with a large screen monitor in the rear of the truck. This feature allows the drivers behind the truck who wish to pass, have access to what is happening on the road in front of the truck. 

As displayed in the short clip, you can see that this concept allows for safe passing, which can potentially result in fewer fatalities on the road. The only part about this idea that concerns me is if the drivers of these trucks have the option to turn on and off both the front end camera and rear end monitor. I think this should certainly be considered because I can see the rear monitor being a distraction for other drivers say if this truck is traveling on a multiple lane highway. 

Simon Lunt