Event marketing is a tricky trade. You are catering to the masses, trying to please multiple demographics and social constructs, in just one event. How does one do this? How do you set yourself apart from the heard?

Bold, captivating design is the way to surpass the hurdles of age, social strata, stylistic preferences, and identifying characteristics. The design of your event should be taken as seriously as a work of art, because, in the end, that's what it is. Though this may be a different form of art than you're used to, Interaction, gadgets, and gimmicks are all important pieces of the puzzle and they serve to round out a space's intellect and heart. That said, when you get down to the soul of an event, that first breathtaking impression takes your project to the next level. 

Creativity takes courage, Matisse said. He was right, now is the time to be bold. 

Isabella SwiftTangram