experiential sculpture Twine in the Sky

Artist Janet Echelman is notorious for her enormous, colorful netted installations that hang high in the sky. “She creates experiential sculpture at the scale of buildings that transform with wind and light.” After graduating college, the artist set out to travel the world and learn new art techniques. During her travels on a Fulbright lectureship in India, she was “inspired by the local materials and culture, began working with bronze casters in the village.” However, she found difficulty with the price and weight of the metal. Then she got an idea! “While watching local fishermen bundling their nets one evening, Echelman began wondering if nets could be a new approach to sculpture: a way to create volumetric form without heavy, solid materials. By the end of her Fulbright year, Echelman had created a series of netted sculpture in collaboration with the fishermen. Hoisting them onto poles, she discovered that their delicate surfaces revealed every ripple of wind.”

Her installations have now been seen in places around the world including Boston, Seattle, Vancouver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Porto to name a few. Her work ““visually knits together the fabric of the city with art.” These incredible sculptures are awe inspiring and add brightness to many cities.

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Simon Lunt