This Pop-Up Encouraged Visitors to Smash Teacups

Visitors were escorted into the “rage room” and asked to smash teacups!

Visitors were escorted into the “rage room” and asked to smash teacups!

The Tetley tea company has launched a new collection of teas, they’re calling “Tetley’s new Super Teas”. What sets this product line apart from their current offerings? With the modern tea drinker in mind, Tetley crafted new “health-ified” blends, which all consist of vitamins and minerals.

In effort to bring awareness to the brand’s new offerings, and celebrate the launch, Tetley held a weekend long, pop-up activation in Toronto, “The Tetley Super Tea Break”. Where attendees geared up in protective wear, escorted into an enclosed room (the rage room), and encouraged to smash teacups.

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Aside from promoting their new products, Tetley saw this customer experience as an opportunity to join the empowering-women-movement. Tetley’s senior brand manager, Joyce O’Connor, said “We all know that words are powerful and the right ones can be motivating, exciting, and empowering. The entire launch campaign is focused on celebrating strong and powerful women.” To incorporate empowering messaging into the experience, each teacup had a derogatory word used toward women, inscribed into them.

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Sam Caridi