The City That Never Sleeps

Tangram was up all night in the city that never sleeps! Niketown in NYC is debuting the Nike Elite shoe series. We are talking today's basketball super humans, Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, Lebron James of the Heat, and Kevin Durant of the Thunder. The shoes each have their own special niches. Kobe is speed, Lebron is power, and Kevin is control. All being essential skills for the game of basketball.

The install went great, the team was energized by the buzz surrounding the awesome products we were installing displays for. Not to mention it's easy to feed off of the great energy that Team Nike has! If you are going to pull an all nighter, it might as well be in the great New York City. 

The design of the display illustrates the amount of science and engineering that goes in to creating these shoes. However, we are talking about Nike shoes, and on top of the intense amount of brains that goes into their sneakers, the style is always show stopping. 

Check out our work down at Niketown! Our late night and hard work really looks very cool. The ELITE don't sleep, when work calls in the Big Apple!