Tangram Travel Tips

Tangramers are always on the go! A substantial part of our work load is on the road, we have some serious mileage under our belts. Traveling can take a toll on the body, mind, and even spirit sometimes. Through our companies travel we have picked up a few tips, habits, and rituals that help us during our work. Now that much of our staff is in Europe, from BLE, Sportel, and Mipcom, we thought we would share some of our coveted secrets to keeping up with the grueling schedule.

Ian Connie (Project Manager, NY): I usually will buy a sandwich or snack at the airport before getting on the plane. The food tastes better and it's nice to be on your own eating schedule rather then the flight crews. 

Bella Swift (Project Manager/Sales, LA): Hydrate!! Planes suck all of the moisture out of me, so my most important rule of thumb is to drink tons of water. It never hurts to pop some emergen -C in there either. I am also in love with Burts Bees Moisturizing Toilettes. Nothing is better then wiping my face, hands and neck off after a red eye or a day on-site. Refreshing!

Cathryn Greenwald (Project Manager/Sales, LA): Find some great hand sanitizer! Also, I always travel with a big scarf/wrap and socks to bundle up in on the planes, and an eye mask to help me get some sleep. My special tip is to spray my scarf with some yummy smelling perfume, so I get to smell that during the flight, rather then the plane.

Tricia Swift (CFO/Co-Founder, NY): A cozy wrap, blanket, or neck pillow can make all the difference when doing an overnight flight. Some nice smelling lotion will also help hydrate your skin and make you feel fresh. 

Chris Martin (Project Manager, NY): I say keep your shoes on for the duration of the flight. If the plan were to ever crash, you would never escape the fiery wreck in socks…. just sayin'…. 

Anna Antonucci (Head of Sales, NY): Noise canceling headphones are great, gum, and a pashmina! You can use it as a blanket or bunch it up and use it as a pillow. 

Steel Swift (CEO/Co-Founder, NY): NEVER eat mexican or indian food the day before flying…. 

Phoebe Lehy (Project Manager, NY): Lifesavers are a family tradition. A big sweater because it's always freezing! And of course, you have to take advantage of the free red wine on international flights!

Paul Curtis (Project Manager, OR): Always be conscious of fellow travelers, especially when traveling in groups for work.

Simon Lunt