Sidewalk Paintings of Life Size Gummy Bears!

Keer does it again! Leon Keer, an artist who has become recognized for his incredible street art skills.  The street paintings are always temporary, but leave a large impact none the less.  When he combines both contemporary images and subjects, then brings them to life using his 3D technique, it has the ability to leave the public in awe.  The various social media platforms we have today also help spread his work, reaching people all over the world.  Keer’s latest work; 9 realistic, bright gummy bears, that appear small when up close and large when viewed from up above.  The project appeared alongside the Malta Street Art Festival.  

Keer's interest in painting began when he began working on large mural advertisements for Coca-Cola.  Today, Keer is a prominent artist in the world of street art. 

Click on the link to his Website: to check out more of his work! 

Simon Lunt