Say Goodbye to GoPro and Hello to Lily!

The Lily Drone.

The Lily Drone.

The 10 by 10 inch square camera, Lily is the next best thing since the GoPro. To get the video to start rolling, you simply toss the Lily in the air, and it automatically starts filming, following you on your journey! It has a charge time of two hours, and has a total flight time of 20 minutes. It can hover as close as 5 feet or as far as 100 feet. It's maximum altitude above the head is 50 feet and its minimum altitude is 5 feet. 

The Lily is able to keep up with the help of the tracker that the person in motion will be wearing. The tracker is small in size; less than 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter. It can be kept safely in your pocket, or worn on your wrist inside it's water proof case that comes included. 

There is even an app available for it! The Lily Companion App, which gives you the ability to change the camera settings, create custom shots, edit and share content, and it's available on the iOS and Android.

This camera is awesome! It can be preordered on their website and is selling at $499 + $20 shipping fee. Watch the video below to see the Lily perform! 

Simon Lunt