New Office Trends, Promote Health and Wellness

Studies have shown that sitting for long periods at a time, resulted in a decreased metabolic rate. It has also been noted that there was a 90% decrease in the production of the fat burning enzymes in our bodies. This can most certainly increase your risk of heart disease down the road, especially for people who don't find the time to exercise outside of the office. Investing in a stand up desk can be highly beneficial to your health. You may also want to purchase a bar stool so you always have the option to sit whenever you start to feel discomfort in your feet.  If you're a person who suffers from back pain, and believe purchasing a comfy and well supported chair will do the trick, you might want to look into a stability ball. While it may not provide the health benefits as standing more throughout the day would, it has proven to improve your overall posture and ease lower back pain. 


Simon Lunt