Licensing Expo 2014

The 2014 Licensing Expo opened today at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay Center. This annual convention of the world's most major brands and product labels hosts over 420 exhibiting companies this year! The exhibitors represent the entire gamut of the product and service industries, from animation and entertainment companies to the food and beverage providers and the outdoor and sports industry. There will be more than 90 countries represented, bringing international companies and their teams together with foreign associates and sister companies from around the globe. 

This year Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation, is set to present the 2014 keynote presentation on the state of the international merchandiser's licensing field. On top of that, there will be countless workshops, talks, and presentations on licensing for brand owners. The show's astounding exhibits become the perfect meeting place for licensees and retailers, as well as the pride and joy of the designers and contractors that put together these impressive environments. Tangram is, of course, present with booths for 4 Kids Media, SeaWorld, Lisa Marks and Associates, Avanti, Beanstalk, Penguin Group, and Televisa!

The show will run until Thursday, June 19th.

Simon Luntlicensing