When people think of artwork found in castles, the first thought that comes to mind are paintings and tapestries. However artist Motoi Yamamoto has been decorating the floors of a castle in Southern France with labyrinths of salt!  “Motoi Yamamoto meticulously sculpts large scale installations formed from salt, tiny lines delicately arranged on the floor of galleries and museums. In his latest exhibition titled “Univer’sel,” Yamamoto has created two pieces in a 13th-century medieval castle in Aigues-Mortes, located in the south of France.”

“The first piece, ‘Floating Garden,” is installed in a circular room, appearing like swirling clouds or thick ocean foam. Without a walkway it is impossible to view the piece up close, viewers only able to view Yamamoto’s labor from afar. The second piece, “Labyrinth” is arranged in a stone passageway within the castle’s ramparts. The appearance of the work mimics the title, a maze that becomes more detailed the further it grows from a mountain-like pile of salt towards the back of the installation.”

This display opened on May 17th and will remain on display until November 30th.



Simon Lunt