Interactive Wall Sculpture Adorns Indiana Hospital Parking Lot

Rob Ley of Urbana Studio wanted to breath new life into a setting that is all too often gone unnoticed and left to be boring and wanting of creativity, the parking lot of the new Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. A place of slumber for idle parked cars, and one that is associated with the stresses of hospital visits, Ley sought to brighten the space up. This effort resulted in May/September, an interactive art project that explodes out of the hospital wall in bright yellow or deep blue, depending on which direction you are looking from. 

Due to the strategically positioned colored tiles, the sculpture changes its hue and transparency when viewed from different angles, giving the impression that many various colors were used. Ley's sculpture adds an element of constant motion, change, and progression to a place that many people often end up associating with one,  unfortunately more often than not, negative feeling. Now, the visitors of Eskenazi Hospital can be reminded that things will change, perhaps for the better; that life and its many occurrences (some of which can lead to a hospital visit) are better understood from various perspectives, as they might be completely different when viewed from another angle. A fitting example of how design can develop close personal ties with its audience and not just the designer or artist.