FEED, the Future of Butcher Shops?

Front hall of shop.

Front hall of shop.

Typically, if you were asked to close your eyes and envision the interior design of a butcher shop, what would come to mind? Perhaps the place has black and white tile floors, large cuts of meats in display cases, sausage links hanging from the ceiling, not giving another thought of the actual design of the place, right? Well, that was before you heard of this one of a kind Butcher Shop, FEED, which is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. FGMF Arquitetos and Projeto de Perto studio, both wanted to create a space for their shop, without the feel of it being a “butchery” type of butcher shop. The shop gives off this elegant, sleek, and modern look, with the hopes that it will invite the shopper with a warm welcome, so enticing, they’ll have to linger. 

As pictured above, you can see that they sell more than meat. They also sell culinary utensils, spices, and cookbooks, but at first glance you'd think in the shop as decor, rather than for sale items.

A tree even made it into their design plans, and was planted in a section of the store where there is more cutlery on display than there is meat, making the area a place where a vegetarian wouldn't mind staying for a bit.

Throughout the store you will find a lot of lounge areas, for the waiting customers, as shown above. Overall, their idea for re imagining the design of the average butcher shop was both brilliant and successful. Hopefully butchers from all over will come across this idea, and be inspired to do the same! 

Simon Lunt