Artist I Love: Marc Johns

Marc Johns' artwork is distinct and recognizable. The artist, who resides in Victoria, BC, water colors and draws. I was bobbing around the internet; tumbling, stumbling, tweeting, or whatever else, I can't quite remember, when I came across his work. It caught my eye, and then I noticed.... it was everywhere. From National Geographic to temporary tattoos, to very real and permanent tattoos. Marc has quite the little cult following, which now, I would consider myself a member of. 

His artwork is so many things at once. Sincere, cute, and bright, but with a splash of dark humor thrown and whimsy into the mix. In the end it turns out very well. Funny people in portraits, furniture on the go, a pipe smoking a pipe, and lot's of antlers, Marc's work is worth a look!

Check out his blog ( where you can see his work, read his musings, and of course, find items to purchase!

I have posted some of his work below, just a few of my favorites.